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Last update: 13-11-2010 Pictures of Isilo by Aat Vuik
Tuskers in Tembe Elephant Park
Photographed by Aat Vuik

Date : Oktober 11th 2010

Location: Tembe Elephant Park
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We arrived oktober 11th 2010 in Tembe after a long drive from Kruger NP (camp Crocodile Bridge).

Hoping to see Isilo , biggest tusker of south-africa or maybe southern africa.

Just after arrival I heard Isilo was near the waterhole and Tom (manager at Tembe) took me with one of the vehicles to the waterhole as a special privilege.

Thanks Tom ! It was a very special moment to see this living legend in real and so close... made about 150 photo's of him and some other bulls.
ISILO died in 2014 (1956 - 2014)

Isilo has died. He was the biggest tusker of South Africa.