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Photographed by Willie Knoetze
Date: 22-03-2014 & 17-06-14 
Location: Shingwedzi area
Photographed by Richard Brett
Date: 1 & 2-05-2014 
Location: Shingwedzi area
Photographed by Jenny & Rod Bell
Date: 2-08-2014
Location: Shingwedzi area  
Photographed by Pietman Muller
Date: 9-08-2014
Location: Shingwedzi area
Identification: Left ear: Several notches and loose pieces of skin and two very small holes. Right ear: u-shaped notch and two very small holes.  
Both tusks are thick and almost equal in length. 
The two very small holes "visible" by the shadow on his body
Tuskers of Kruger
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