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Photographed by: Johan van Rensburg

Location: Shingwedzi near restcamp

Date: 9th of August 2011
Photographed by: Oelof van Rensburg

Location: Shingwedzi (close to restcamp in riverbed)

Date: September 20th 2010
Photographed by: Corlia le Roux

Location: Shingwedzi (close to restcamp in the Shingwedzi riverbed)

Date: 3th of October 2011
Photographed by: Peter Rakke

Location: Shingwedzi area

Date: March 18th 2012
Photographed by: Richard Brett

Location: Near Shingwedzi camp

Date: March 25th 2012
Photographed by: Katja Voth

Location: Riverbed near Shingwedzi camp

Date: July 18th 2012
Photographed by: Mareliza Jurgens

Location: Riverbed near Shingwedzi camp

Date: September 25th 2012
Unsure of status,

He has not been seen since September 2012 although he normally showed himself often near Shingwedzi camp or in the riverbed

Last photos showing hem very thin, probably on his last set of teeth.
Updated: 27-02-2015 Photos by Philip Law (photos made in 2005)
Tuskers of Kruger
Very long upwards shaped tusks, almost equal in length
Left ear: U-shaped notch with a loose piece of skin near the center 
Right ear: Big notch near the center
ID marks Tusks:
ID marks Ears  :
Name means "The lead dancer"
Photographed by: Werner Dippenaar

Location: Shingwedzi area

Date: June 7th 2010
Photographed by Thomas Hohls

Location: Shingwedzi near low water bridge

Date: September 12th 2009
Photographed by: Wesley Hattingh

Location: Shingwedzi (close to restcamp along main road H1-6)

Date: June 21th 2010
Photographed by: Chris Shivati

Location: Shingwedzi Causeway

Date: July 30th 2009
Photographed by Richard Prinsloo

Location: about 10km south of Shingwedzi.

Date: July 11th 2009
Photographed by: Frans Glanville

Location: Shingwedzi (close to restcamp)

Date: August 10th 2010
Photographed by: Dewald Nel

Location: Riverbed at the back entrance gate of Shingwedzi Restcamp crossing the low level bridge.

Date: April 11th 2009
Photographed by Richard Brett

Location: Shingwedzi (low water bridge)

Date: December 21th 2008
Photographed by Derek Evens.

Location: About 5 km down the R52 road coming from Shingwedzi side on the way to Red Rocks.

Date: October 4th 2008
Photographed by Dewi Edwards.

Location: Near Shingwedzi

Date: July 20 2008
Photographed by Ellen Pflugmacher

Date: december 18th 2008

Location: Shingwedzi (riverbed, close to Shingwedzi restcamp)
Photographed by Ellen Pflugmacher

Date: october 10th 2007

Location: Shingwedzi area
Photographed by Philip Law

Date: August 20th 2005

Location: Shingwedzi area
Photographed by: Harry Schutte

Location: Shingwedzi region

Date: September 15th 2010