Photogrpaher: Aat Vuik

Mandhevhu was very close less then 20 meter away from ny car.
I met him2 times on 22-02-09
first in the morning and with the rain in the afternoon.

Location: close to Mooiplaas along the dirtroad S143 not far away from Mopani restcamp.
Photographer: Aat Vuik

During my last trip to Kruger I met Mandhevhu again as I saw him earlier this year in the same area near Mopani.

Location: Mooiplaas waterhole.

Date: 09-11-2009
Photographed by Chris Shivati

Date: August 4th

Location: near Mooiplaas waterhole (right) and august 6th at Bowerkop waterhole (left).
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Photographed by Norman Lok

Location: Mopani (just north of restcamp)

Date: 19-01-2010
Photographed by Wayne Calitz

Location: Mopani area (entrance Tsendze)
Date: March 11th 2010

Mandhevhu died March 27 or 28th. This is probably the last picture of him alive.
Personal note:

I met Mandhevhu 4 times in total so he became a bit special since I looked him in the eyes on one occasion. Rain, wind and Mandhevhu coming straight through some bush at about 20 meters or less distance from me.
Photographed by Richard Brett

Location: Mopani area

Date: 29-12-2009
died March 20th  2010 near Mooiplaas Windmill in the Mopani area
Named after Douw ‘Swannie’ Swanepoel who served in the Kruger NP as a ranger from 1982 – 2001
(Mandhevhu meaning ‘beard’ was given to Swannie due to the wild red beard he always sported during his time in the Kruger National Park)
Big Tuskers of Yesterday

He roamed area between Letaba - Mopani - Shingwedzi
Right tusk showed signs of being broken
Left Tusk         Right Tusk
58,55 KG             45,85 KG
   256 CM              198 CM

Photographed by Aat Vuik

Location: Mooiplaas near Mopani

Date: Febr 26 2008
Photographed by Michael R Paxton

Location: Mopani

Date: July 26th 2008
Photographed by: by Sander Hofman

Location: Old Main Road (S144) near N'wambu Pan

Date: January 2009