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Photographed by Eddie Raats.

October 2007

Near Letaba Restcamp
Photographed by Duncan Wallace

February 2005

Location: North of Letaba bridge
Photographed by Issi Potgieter

Location: Just outside Letaba restcamp

Date: July 28th 2005
Photographed by Oelof van Rensburg

October 18th 2009

Near Letaba Restcamp
Photographed by Gavin Esterhuysen

June 21th 2009

Near Letaba Restcamp

Unsure of status, not been seen since 2010, while he was frequently seen around Letaba camp and in the Letaba riverbed
Updated: 17-10-2009
Photos by Oelof van Rensburg
Tuskers of Kruger
Classically shaped thick and heavy tusks. The left is more curved then the right
Left ear: Mainly clean
Right ear: A wide V-shaped notch and a U-shaped notch close to the center 
ID marks Tusks:
ID marks Ears  :
Name, in tsonga, means "Trouble maker"