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Photographed by Le Roy Cronje

Location: Near Letaba (S47 close to S131)

Date: August 15th 2009.
Photographed by Janet Johnston

Location: 12km from Letaba camp (near mainroad H1-5 cross with S46)

Date: November 11th 2010
Photographed by Ton Suwijn

Location: close to Letaba camp

Date: Oktober 2010
Photographed by Richard Brett

Location: Just south of Letaba camp

Date: December 21th 2011
Photographed by Darren Ternent

Location: Near Letaba camp

Date: April 8th 2012
Updated: December 17th 2015 Photos by: Scotch Macaskill
Tuskers of Kruger
Both tusks are curved inwards. Tip of the right tusk has been broken
Left ear: Several bigger notches
Right ear: A small hole and some notches with loose piece of skin
ID marks Tusks:
ID marks Ears  :
Name: Shangaan for "Walking with shoulders pulled up high"
Photographed by Richard Brett

Location: Near Letaba camp

Date: August 29th 2014
Photographed by Wayne Calitz

Location: Letaba area

Date: August 10th 2014
Photographed by Willie Knoetze

Location: Near Letaba

Date: November 21th 2014
Photographed by Sheila Grobbelaar

Location: Letaba region

Date: October 25th 2015
Photographed by: Scotch Macaskill

Location: Letaba region

Date: November 28th 2015