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Overview of the famous "Magnificent Seven"

The names of these 7 Big Tuskers are:
Dzombo - Kambaku - Shingwedzi - Joao - Ndlulamithi - Shawu

For each one I created a special page with information , pictures and facts.

If you have pictures of these Tuskers please don't hesitate to send them to me
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More then thirty years ago seven impressive elephant bulls (Big Tuskers) with tusks weighing more than 50 kg each, could be found in Kruger National Park.

Dr U de V Pienaar, the chief warden at the time, decided to publicise these Big Tuskers as a successful example of Kruger's conservation work.

He named those bulls that had not already been identified and also introduced the collective name, the Magnificent Seven.

Their legends live on and most of their impressive ivory can be seen at the Elephant Hall Museum at Letaba Restcamp in the Kruger National Park.

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The Magnificent Seven
All images shown on this page and the pages of the different Tuskers belonging to the Magnificent 7 are based on the original images made by Anthony Hall Martin
Tuskers of Kruger