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LETABA region
Photographed by Lettie & Gerrie Du Plessis
Date: October 23rd 2015
Location: Letaba area
Photographed by Michelle & Jacques Joubert
Date: October 7th 2015
Location: Letaba area
Photographed by Richard Brett
Date: May  2015
Location: Letaba area    
Identification: Left ear: Big notch and small hole. Right ear: Small notch.
Tusks: Almost equal in length. Grass-notch at left tusk.
Relative young bull with potential because length and thickness of the tusks.
Photographed by: Michelle & Jacques Joubert

second photo Letaba06 is the tusker at the back
Photographed by: Richard Brett

May 2015

Letaba Region
Tuskers of Kruger
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