*** Special ****

Special to mention is that Mamerle (Cow) has had twins two times.

Photographed by Ellen Pflugmacher

Location: Lower Sabie area

Date: March 18th 2010
Photographed by Petra Totzke

Location: Nwantindlopfu waterhole on the S36 North of Skukuza

Date: February 2011
Photographed by Neels Bosch

Location: Lower Sabie - Crocodile Bridge area S28

Date: June 24th 2012
Photographed by Frank Wolpert

Location: 10 km south of Satara towards Tshokwane

Date: March 13th 2010
Photographed by Keith Foster

Satara - Tshokwane area
Photographed by Bill Mahoney

Just south of Tshokwane (Sololweni dam)

October 2009
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Updated: 26-06-2012
Photo by Neels Bosch
Tuskers of Kruger
Thick tusks for a Cow
Left ear: U-shaped notch and a V-shaped notch
Right ear: V-shaped notch
ID marks Tusks:
ID marks Ears  :
Named after Merle Whyte (wife of Dr Ian Whyte)