Tuskers of Kruger
Name means "The Quiet One"
Photographed by Ian Leach

Location: Letaba (near Letaba camp)

Date: December 7th 2010
Photographed by Johan van Zyl

Location: Letaba

Date: May 18th 2010
Photographed by Andreas Wölk

Location: Letaba (S95 in Letaba riverbed)

Date: April 13th 2011
Photographed by Ilse Lourens

Location: Mopani area

Date: December 25th 2009
Photographed by Anthony Robertson.

April 2007
Photographed by Andrew Averey

Location: North of Letaba in riverbed

Date: 27-09-2009
Photographed by Sander Hofman

Location: 8km North of Letaba (H1-6)

Date: January 2009
Photographed by Michael R Paxton

Location: Mopani area

Date: September 2007
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