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Photographed by Jenny Scott

Date: february 2009

Location: between Tshokwane and Satara.
Photographed by Leo Koolhoven

Date: May 2009

Location: Satara area
Photographed by Frank Wolpert

Date: March 11th 2010

Location: Olifants River Bridge
Photographed by Diederick Roux

Date: December 23d 2012

Location: Between Olifants and Satara
Updated: March 29th 2017- Photos by J&M Joubert
Tuskers of Kruger
Left tusk is longer then the right tusk and she has thick ivory for a tusker-cow
Ears: Mainly clean 
ID marks Tusks:
ID marks Ears  :
Named after Trix Olivier, wife of Ranger Louis Olivier
Photographed by J&M Joubert

Date: March 26th 2014

Location: Between Olifants & Letaba