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Photographed by Keith Foster

Date : August 22 2011

Location: 25km north of Mopani
Photographed by Isabel Taljaard

Date : January 4th 2012

Location: Mopani (Tropic of Capricorn loop)
Photographed by Brian Sulter

Date : June 26th 2012

Location: Close to Shingwedzi
Photographed by Madeleen van Schalkwyk

Date : July 27th 2012

Location: Between Shingwedzi and Mopani, near Grootvleidam
Photographed by Francois and Arina Scholtz

Date : October 18th 2013

Location: Between Shingwedzi and Mopani
Tuskers of Kruger
Named after a small river between Mopani & Shingwedzi
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Updated: January 19th 2014 Photos by F & A Scholtz
Photographed by: Willie Knoetze

Date : September 29th 2013

Location: Mopani region
Photographed by: Aat Vuik

Date : October 23 2010

Location: Mopani region