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Photographed by: Ton Suwijn

Location: Just outside Letaba camp along the Letaba river

Date: Oktober 2010
Photographed by: Geoff Miles

Location: Near Letaba

Date: August 2010
Photographed by: Richard Brett

Location: Tihongonyeni waterhole in Mopani area

Date: 26 december 2010
Photographed by: Keith Foster

Location: Mooiplaas waterhole/windmill near Mopani

Date: April 18th 2011
Photographed by: Johann du Preez

Location: Mopani (Tihongonyeni)

Date: January 1st 2012
Photographed by: Johan Viljoen

Location: South of Letaba

Date: September 7th 2011
Photographed by: Richard Brett

Location: Mopani area (Nshawu waterhole 1)

Date: December 20th 2011
Updated: 11-05-2012 Photo by Johann du Preez
Tuskers of Kruger
Named after a waterhole between Mopani and Letaba
Photographed by: Mohammed & Sharifa Jinnah

Location: Near Letaba

Date: September 2010
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