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Photographed by Jane Bingham

Location: close to Lower Sabie

Date: July 28th 2009
Photographed by Arne & Louise Meintjes

Location: Lower Sabie area

Date: March 7th 2007
Photographed by Ellen Pflugmacher

Location: Between Lower Sabie and Crocodile Bridge

Date: March 16th 2010
Photographed by Lettie du Plessis

Location: Along the S36 approx. 8km North of the "T"-junction
with the H1-2

Date: December 2006
Photographed by Mellory Rae Jordaan

Location: Lower Sabie

Date: March 2010
Photographed by Hayden Brown

Location: Lower Sabie

Date: August 28th 2010
Photographed by Rosemary Hancock

Location: Lower Sabie (just outside camp)

Date: 19th of July 2011
Photographed by Frank & Ben Wolpert

Location: Lower Sabie (just outside camp)

Date: December 26th 2012
Photographed by Melanie Posthumus

Location: Between Lower Sabie and Nkumbe (H10)

Date: October 18th 2013
Updated: November 2 - 2019 Photo by Alet Evert
Tuskers of Kruger
The left tusk is bowed and curved upwards, tip has been broken. The right tusk is long and extremely pointing right
Mainly clean ears, tennisball sized bump on her right front leg
ID marks Tusks:
ID marks Ears  :
Named after a small river close to Lower Sabie
Photographed by Sal Davies

Location: Along the H10 Loskop waterhole (between Lower Sabie and

Date: 2003

I received this photo recently. This way it is very well visible that her tusks have develloped over the years. If you look at this picture and the most recent ones you can see the difference in length.
Photographed by Tara-Lynn Svensson

Location: Tshokwane area (s37)

Date: December 30th 2011
Photographed by Rina Harmse

Location: Near Lower Sabie

Date: November 9th 2015
Photographed by Licinia Machado

Location: Lower Sabie region

Date: December 5th 2016
Photographed by Gerhard Mostert

Location: Lower Sabie region

Date: December 26 - 2017

Southern region
Photographed by Alet Evert

Location: Southern region

Date: October 6 - 2019