Tuskers of Kruger
Named after a small river south of Mopani
Photographed by John van Eeden

Location: Close to Mopani (near Tsendze camp) along the H1-6

Date: October 22th 2009
Photographed by Anne-Marie

Location: Close to Mopani

Date: October 18th 2009
Photographed by Madeleine and Mark Skeoch

Location: Mopani area

Date: September 2010
Photographed by Michael R Paxton

Location: Mopani area

Date: August 12th 2009
Photographed by Aat Vuik

Location: Bowerskop waterhole near Mopani along the H1-6

Date: October 24th 2010
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Photographed by: Peter Winnan

Location: Mopani area
(Mooiplaas waterhole)

Date: July 15th 2009
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