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Photographed by Gareth Greensill

Location: Mala Mala reserve next to Kruger , north of Skukuza

Date: February 22th and 27th 2010
Photographed by: Bernie van der Vyver

Location: Pretoriuskop area (Transport Dam)

Date: April 30th 2010
Photographed by Andreas Wölk

Location: Malelane - Skukuza road near Nathekenyane Granokop

Date: April 23 2010
Updated: 19-02-2011
Photos by Bernie van der Vyver
Tuskers of Kruger
Left tusk has been broken, small piece remaining, Right tusk is long and curved
Left ear: Wider notch near the center and small hole in lower part
Right ear: Mainly clean
ID marks Tusks:
ID marks Ears  :
Named after a small river (spruit) close to Skukuza
Photographed by Noel Bowers

Location: Close to Skukuza (lower bridges)

Date: March 18th 2010
Photographed by Jenny Scott

Location: Close to Skukuza

Date: February 14th 2010
Photographed by Arno & Louise Meintjes
Location: Skukuza area

Date: January 2nd 2009
Photographed by Belinda van der Merwe

Location: Skukuza area

Date: March 31st 2009