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Photographed by Aat Vuik

Location: Shingwedzi area
(S52 Redrocks route close to Shingwedzi)

Date: November 10th 2009
Photographed by Richard Prinsloo

Location: Shingwedzi area
(8 km south of Shingwedzi)

Date: July 1st 2011
Photographed by Mareliza Jurgens

Location: Shingwedzi riverbed close to Shingwedzi camp

Date: September 25th 2012
Photographed by Aat Vuik

Location: Just south of Shingwedzi

Date: November 26th 2012
Updated: 12-01-2013
Photos by Aat Vuik
Tuskers of Kruger
Classically shaped and thick  tusks
Left ear: Mainly clean
Right ear: Mainly clean
ID marks Tusks:
ID marks Ears  :
Named after a small river just north of Shingwedzi
Photographed by Thomas Hohls

Location: Shingwedzi

Date: September 13th 2009