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Photographed by: Anthony Webb

Location: West of Olifants along the S39 near Timbavati

Date: November 11th 2010.
Photographed by: Geoff Miles

Location: Near Olifants

Date: April 2009
Photographed by: Andrew Aveley

Location: South of Olifants, near Ngotso North waterhole

Date: September 2008
Photographed by: Noel Dietrich

Location: south of Satara

Date: November 10th 2012
Updated: 09-08-2013
Photo by Noel Dietrich
Tuskers of Kruger
Left tusk more straight, right tusk curved. Left tusk a bit longer then right one
Left ear: Notch with loose piece of skin and a hole in the lower part
Right ear: Mainly clean
ID marks Tusks:
ID marks Ears  :
Named after a little river south of Olifants