I like to show the Hyena in different ways, "on the road", as "family with pups" in groups...
Near tarred road H1-6 about 15 km north of Mopani restcamp towards Shingwedzi restcamp this mother Hyena with 3 young ones, just about a few meters from me
Aat Vuik - Wildlife Photography
Group of Hyena with a kill. The zebra wanted to drink but Hyena's were relaxing and the waterhole was more or less a swimming pool for them
Middle of a hot day I visited Duke's waterhole, it was very hot that day .... Nothing to see or...yes..a pregnant lady Hyena decided to take a bath...cooling down her babies....
Group of 4 hyena's. These 3 youngster and mother was doing a nap.
One of the young ones was very curious and came to my car to check it all around, even he tried to test my tires...
A group of 5 hyean's, all young ones near the road. It is another view on them since they look very clean, nice and curious. They were just about a few meters from the car.
Near cross H5 and S108 in the Crocodile Bridge area.
A very special and beautiful sighting with this Hyena's

Little pups suckling and playing