© Aat Vuik
Photographed by: Tony Webb

Date: December 1991

Location: North of Lower Sabie (H10) towards Tshokwane

Thanks to Tony these are the oldest pictures of Duke I got
Photographed by: Johann Mader

Date: July 2006

Location: Lower Sabie area near Duke's Waterhole
Photographed by: Steve Williams

Date: May 16th 2007

Location: Lower Sabie - Crocodile Bridge area
Photographed by: Jørgen Petersen

Date: December 9th 2006

Location: Sabie river just south of Lower Sabie
Date: May 2005

Location: S28 Crocodile Bridge - Lower Sabie
Photographed by: Chris Voets

Date: Early to Mid nighties (1992-1995)

Location: Along S28 between Lower Sabie and Crocodile Bridge
Tuskers of Yesterday

Legendary Tusker         *** DUKE *** 
Photographed by: Jeroen Kelderman

These are the last pictures of Duke with 1 tusk

Date august 28 2008

Location: S28 near Crocodile Bridge
Photographed by: Sharon Delport

Location: Near S28 between Crocodile Bridge and Lower Sabie

Date: July 12th 2008
Photographed by: Aat Vuik

Dates: 7th and 11th of March 2008

Location: S28 Lower Sabie - Crocodile Bridge

Personally I have seen Duke 2 times in KNP in 2008 and like to share these pictures with you.

Both sightings were near the S28 where we were waiting for Duke to wake up... almost 2 hours and it was hot outside.... but...

Thanks Duke.. we have seen you !!
Thanks to the dedicated rangers Duke's Tusk was found and recued
Photographed by Michael Hatting

Date: April 1st 2009

Location : about 10 -15km from Tsokwane
Photographed by Jean Graham

Location: Near S28 and H4-2 (Between Crocodile Bridge and Lower Sabie)

Date: September 6th 2009
Photographed by: Steve Williams Date: May 16th 2007 Location: Lower Sabie - Crocodile Bridge area
Very happy to present the first pictures of DUKE with his collar.

Credits to Hans-Juergen and Birgitt Buchholz from Johannesburg (S-A) who photographed him at May 22th and May 23th 2010 and Jean Graham who photographed him also May 22th 2010.

Location: Crocodile Bridge area
Photographed by Hayden Brown

Location: Near Crocodile Bridge

Date: August 24th 2010
Photographed by Jean Graham

Location: Near Crocodile Bridge along main road H4-2

Date: Oktober 27th 2010
Photographed by Jean Graham

Location: Near Crocodile Bridge (S28 untarred road)

Date: June 28th 2011
Photographed by Sharifa Jinnah

Location: Near Lower Sabie (intersection between S29 and S122)

Date: April 29th 2011
Photographed by Hans Jürgen Buchholz

Location: Near Crocodile Bridge (S28) close to waterhole Duke

Date: May 1st 2011



One of the oldest tuskers in Kruger National Park (KNP), Duke has been fitted with a tracking collar in an effort to track his whereabouts should he die.


This according to South African National Parks, General Manager: Media & Stakeholder Relations, Reynold Thakhuli, who said Duke is approaching his last days in the bush and he might die any day, and as a conservation agency, SANParks, would like to keep its skull in the Elephant Hall Museum of the Letaba Camp of KNP for future generations and research purposes.


Thakhuli said it is estimated that Duke has lived in the KNP bush for over 55 years. “As a sign of aging he has already lost both his tusks while walking the vast area in KNP and he is also on his last set of teeth which makes it difficult for digestion. Fortunately the tusks were found and will be placed at the museum.”


The Elephant Hall covers elephant evolution, biology, behaviour, ecology and research. It also showcases the ivory of eight of Kruger's greatest tuskers (including six of the Magnificent Seven) who are currently on display at the museum.


According to SANParks Scientific Services an elephant age is estimated by using measurements of shoulder height, molar tooth wear and progression hind footprint length as well as dung bolus circumference or diameter. 

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DUKE died October 1st 2011

He was named after Thom Duke (ranger at Lower Sabie between 1903 and 1923)

He died from old age October 1st 2011at an estimated age of 55 years. His carcass was found close to Crocodile Bridge.

Duke was carrying a collar to find him fast to save his broken tusks and scull

Duke was one of the most famous Tuskers of Kruger NP. Many visitors were searching for him. He was known as a peacefull and relaxed Tusker.

From Crocodile Bridge area (S28) up to Tshokwane
He was the largest Tusker in the Kruger National Parc till august 2008, when he broke his last tusk. He lost both tusks in about 1 year time, both tusks were found by staff of the KNP
Broken Piece Length (cm)

From skull Length (cm)
Circumference round lip
(cm/ inches)
50 19.69
50 19.69

Broken Piece Weight
(kg/ lbs)
37.05 81.68
38.25 84.33

From Skull Weight
(kg/ lbs)
33.2 73.19
31.9 70.33

Total Weight
(kg/ lbs)
70.25 154.87
70.15 154.65

Photographed by: Dawie Fourie

Year: 2005

Location: Near Crocodile Bridge

Dawie Fourie made replica's of Duke's tusks
Photographed by: Harry Schutte

Location: Between Crocodile Bridge and Lower Sabie

Date: April 3rd 2008