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Photographed by Dolf Botts

Hlanganini with broken left tusk. He must have broken his tusk in February or March 2009.

Date: March 30th 2009
Photographed by Iris de Haan

Location: Just outside Letaba restcamp in the Letaba riverbed

Date: May 17th 2009
Photographed by Thomas Hohls

Date: June 19th 2008

Location: 4 km north of Olifants restcamp
Photographed by Berno Roodt

Location: Letaba riverbed about 2km north of Letaba Restcamp

Date: 27 June 2009
Photographed by Petro Rossouw

Location: Near Letaba

Date: June 27th 2009
Impression: Hlanganini did not look in good condition. **Last available pictures of Hlanganini before he died"
Photographed by Michael Rodgers

Date: August 2008

Location: North of Letaba , towards Mopani
Photographed by Petra Totzke

February 22 2008

2 KM outside Letaba Restcamp towards Mopani

Thanks Petra for sharing this beautiful picture
Tuskers of Yesterday

Legendary Tusker         *** HLANGANINI *** 
Photographed by Aat Vuik

Location : Just outside Letaba restcamp

Date: February 24th 2008

Personally, I met Hlanganini once in just getting into the bush.
Photographed by Justin Cohen

Date: March 2008

Location: 2 km north of Letaba rest camp
Photographed by Jacques Proust

Date: July 3 2007.

Location: S62 in Letaba Area
Photographed by Christian Stowasser

Date: 2005

Location: Between Letaba bridge and Letaba Restcamp coming fromthe bush, crossing the road to Letaba riverbed
Photographed by Bert van Hamersveld

Location: Letaba riverbed near Letaba Restcamp

Date: July 2006
Photographed by: Jan & Carolynn Botha

Date: September 6th 2004

Location: Along the Letaba River on the gravel road (S46) that leads to Olifants camp
Photographed by Petra Totzke

Location : Near Letaba

Date: February 22th 2008
Photographed by: Jørgen Petersen

December 16th 2003

Just south of Engelhard Dam near (S46)
Hlanganini died in july 2009
Named after the Hlanganini spruit, close to Lataba, where he was first seen. His name means "at the reeds"
The carcass of Hlanganini had been found 10km south of Letaba

He roamed the Letaba  area
Hlanganini was recognized as the biggest tusker in the KNP for some time till he died in july 2009. His carcass was found and his tusks were rescued.

In march 2009 he broke about 30cm of his left tusk.
Left Tusk         Right Tusk
45 kg            55,80 kg
204 cm              270 cm  

Photographed by Dolf Botts.

Date: January 2009
Photographed by
 M. Stander

Location: Near Letaba (Letaba riverbed)

Date: April 2009